Best Web Hosting Solution

Now a days, it is a common practice for people to launch IT Company of their choice without any pre planning or research. In most cases, choosing a web host is not hard. Any web hosting company will exhaustively advertise their “affordable” package plans, especially to clients who are only launching their websites.

With cheap package plan usually offered to clients with a budget, web hosting companies display an abysmal level of customer satisfaction, especially in shared hosting services.

For a client to choose the best web host that caters their needs at the highest amount of satisfaction, they should seek:

  • In- house Support: A firm’s services can only be reliable if its support is in-house, not outsourced. In-house support and quality, reliable hardware might seem a tad heavy on the budget, but it guarantees quality support that a website owner needs.
  • Catering your website’s needs: This is where an extensive study is required of the client himself, but adhering to the unique demands of a website is every host’s responsibility. Clients should check the bandwidth, network connectivity, software requirements etc. along with the price and then select a suitable web host. Make a list of your requirements and consider your future needs as well.
  • Features, add-ons: A novice web developer should be able to build a website easily. Also developers should look for extras that their provider offers. Like: email services, backups, etc.
  • Control Panel and User interface: Web developers at large aren’t very technically savvy when it comes to when comes to the background works. A client should be able to easily handle their website’s settings without having to call customer support all the time. An easy to use cPanel is what every client needs.

How Bullten Web Hosting is competent in the web hosting business:

Bullten was founded fairly recently after carrying an exhaustive research about web hosting and domain registration. It aims to make its presence felt in the business domain by carving out a niche for a new company demands with its highly professional and sincere approach. The founders of bullten, in their research, marked the core areas which were lacking in customer satisfaction. These were:

  • Low Uptime


  • Low Security


  • Improper Maintenance


  • Sub Standard or Delayed Support


  • Software Compatibility Issues


  • Missing Backups

These areas were taken into consideration and services were devised accordingly along with a client’s need for cost-effective services with better features. This resulted in achieving high number of clients and popularity in no time. Bullten Web Hosting covers all the aspects of an efficient and effective service provider. All their hosting solutions have in-built robust security system in place i.e. fully secured against any online threat. Client can be assured of 99.99% uptime. The team at Bullten regularly interact with their clients for tech support and often incorporate their feedback to make their services better.

As of now Bullten provides affordable and highly reliable internet services including:

  • Shared Hosting


  • Reseller Hosting


  • Dedicated Server


  • Virtual Private Server


  • Domain Names


  • Domain Reseller


With Bullten as their provider, clients are capable of allowing their websites to grow. While many provide services related to upgrading, Bullten makes it easier than others do.

Well, in most of the cases choosing a web host won’t be that tough and depending upon your hosting requirement, you can select from unlimited web hosting options available online. Personally, I recommend Bullten Web Hosting for a cost-effective, high-tech, and reliable services.